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The current activities of Al-Meyyah Project as set in the Financing Agreement are organized into two major categories and are reflected into the PMU organizational structure as follows:


1) The activities of the Project and Business Development Unit (PBDU), which focuses on the commercialization of the sector and advancing Private Sector Participation (PSP) and involvement, and by which the first purpose of Al-Meyyah Project "Water services will be operated under commercial principles" can be achieved, and


2) The activities of the Water Sector Audit Unit (WSAU), which is charged with developing and promoting performance monitoring practices of water utilities, and prepare the grounds for an anticipated full-fledged regulatory environment. This serves the second purpose of Al-Meyyah Project: "The foundation for an independent regulator for the water sector in place, awaiting Government decision".


Both units are assisted by the Finance and Administration Department, Information Technology Department (IT), and the Public Relations & Media Advisor.   




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