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On Nov 2012 The Hashemite kingdom of Jordan represented by ministry of water and irrigation has been signed an agreement with federal republic of Germany represented by KFW. This agreement aimed to provide high quality technical support to the Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ) and the Ministery of Water and Irrigation through the programme management unit which it’s responsibility under this agreement are:

  1.  Ensure that donor-funded projects are implemented in accordance to agreements, and to maximize the benefits of these projects;
  2.  Ensure that all donor financing agreements are monitored and reports provided in a timely and accurate fashion;
  3.  Ensure that existing retail water companies meet the requirements of the Assignment Agreements;
  4.  Ensure that the Assignment Agreements are periodically reviewed and updated;
  5.  Develop operations in the sector through the extension of the supply area covered by corporatized water utilities; and
  6.  Development of Private Sector Participation in the water sector through identification of suitable schemes, and development of financial and technical proposals, including concessions, leases, BOT schemes etc.



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