Project Proposal PPP WWTP Madaba

Energy Saving and Sludge Treatment

The success of Baquria pumping station project under PPP, where a 40% energy savings per month had led to an accumulation of more than 20000 JOD savings for WAJ for the period (March 2010-June 2010), had led through coordination between Engicon Consultant and the GTZ with the support and facilitation from PMU, to formulate a proposal to work under the concept of the PPP at the WWTP in Madaba, which should bring sustainable efficiency increase and improvements.

The idea had been approved and moved forward in signing a PPP contract with the off taker, on which he contributes in covering 50% of the overall costs. The aim of the PPP measure is to establish know how in the optimization of the operation of WWTPs with regard to energy saving and sludge dewatering.