Ma'an Management Contract for Water and Sanitation

Ma'an Water Administration, working under the public water sector umbrella has suffered from poor administrative performance due to poor staff performance, experiences and difficulties in attracting qualified personnel, poor services provided to the customers, low cash amounts and low cost recovery in addition to declination in many Key Performance Indicators KPI's especially non revenue water during recent years.

Several solutions have been investigated by Water Authority of Jordan to improve efficiency and performance and to enhance provided services to the public.
The feasibility study has shown that the best alternative financially and technically to WAJ is a resort of management contract with Aqaba Water Company AWC as an operator (off taker).
The operator is required to carry on all activities originally rested with WAJ that include O & M activities, customer services, asset management development of services, business planning, definition of capital investment, relation with customers and stakeholders.
And so, WAJ jointly with PMU has prepared a management contract with AWC for duration of five years extendable for two years. This contract has been formulated in a way to improve performance through involving Performance Based elements to achieve the desired aims and enhancements. This contract had been enforced starting 1st of July 2010.