PMU and the Micro PSP approach

Micro PSP (Private Sector Participation) through local Jordanian companies has proven to be a very successful approach to improve service delivery and financial performance of WAJ organizational units in the respective governorates.
The input based service contract that has been applied for Madaba Governorate starting 2006 is one of these successful stories.
Since, then, PMU has worked intensively on evaluation, regulation and monitoring on this model. Continuously, PMU has developed the so called performance based service contract (output based) on the micro level out sourcing. The PMU worked on attracting of facilitating firms, local and international firms that are in association with local Jordanian ones, in participation and involvement in conducting and executing such kind of contracts.
And so a Micro PSP service contracts for karak and Balqa governorates had been prepared, contracted, awarded and started on 1st September 2010 for Balqa and on 1st of October 2010 for Karak.
The objectives of the performance based service contract are to improve:
1-Water and waste water customer services
2-GIS –ICT units
3-Implementation of GIS based tools, redesigned customer information system and sewerage Data Base
The cost of Karak contract is two million JOD and Balqa contract is
around three million JOD. These contracts include supporting services beyond the customer management activities (ie. GIS-ICT and financial management). However such services are seen very essential for the overall improvement of the Karak and Balqa Water Administrations.