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 Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
(SCADA) project

The critical economic situation that our country faced, this forced the MWI /WAJ to adopt all possible techniques for saving our limited resources and achieve the hard comprise and difficult balance between customer's satisfaction and water scarcity. So methodologies for minimizing the NRW (physical and administrative) huge investment in major water rehabilitation and restructuring of the old water networks, GIS implementation, modern and accurate billing systems and other plans were all used to secure the optimum goal of reasonable water quantity with the best quality to Jordanian consumer.
Recently the implementation of the latest technologies in the field of monitoring and control has become a major role for WAJ in the way towards better water management. Such technology is playing now a major role to insure that the performance of water facilities is approaching the optimum levels in term of operation continuity, water quantity, power saving, maintenance as well as flexibility of applying emergency water scenarios in case of abnormal conditions. So investing in SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)  would be a feasible approach since having such technology present in the Jordanian water sector will assist in attracting private sector participation (PSP) and will be an encouraging factor for the accelerated privatization movement.
SCADA is an industrial control system; it consists of Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) and Programmable Logic Controller (PLCs).
SCADA system is a branch of instrumentation engineering that includes input-output signal hard ware, controllers, and Human Machine Interfacing (HMI) networks, communications, data base and software.
The main objective of SCADA system will be the overall optimization of the management, maintenance and operation of the water. This system will lead to an important role in water management through automatic collection of a wide range of data, such as water demand, available resources, water quality, energy consumption, failure,…etc , that can be centralized, stored and shared for its further analysis. The field information collected by SCADA shall contribute to the achievements of the following objectives:
*Reduction of unaccounted water
*Establishment of sustainable yields for each well
*Development of an appropriate water management storage through periodic cross-checking between water demand and water resources in addition to achievement of long term water sustainability and protection of water resources
*Detection of malfunctions, failure and alarm messages
*Reduction of energy consumption through the development of appropriate control strategy
*Reduction of operation personnel cost and human errors and detection of leakage.
So, the whole objectives are directed to improve the services provided to consumers.  
For all these positives of SCADA, the movements towards the Jordan wide SCADA had already started and two major schemes in this regard are currently under implementation:
1-Greater Amman SCADA project, started since 12/12/2003
2-Nothern Governorates SCADA contract, (it is in preliminary stages).



Greater Amman SCADA Project

• Interface to the existing SCADA provisions within CIP sites and other water sites operated by Miyahuna Company.
• The Automation of other project sites that are still manually operated and controlled.
• A new building in Dabouq reservoir to host the SCADA center together with the operator water facilities and Maintenance departments.
• A UHF radio based communication system to connect all project sites to the SCADA center.
• A total of 130 sites will be included in the project.
• The above describes the first phase of Amman total SCADA solution where the 2nd phase involves district metering.





• Redundant Data servers for high reliability
• Wall mount screen
• Operator workstations
• Round disk
• Multiple Displays




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