PMU and Re -allocation Plan

 MWI will adopt the following policies in re-allocating the water resources between sectors and between governorates:

• Domestic needs have the priority, followed by the sector that makes the   highest economic return (Tourism and Industry, and then Agriculture).

•Each governorate retains its produced water for its sole use, unless otherwise is necessary, then it will be transferred to the geographically nearest governorate and to the governorate of highest need, taking cost into account . Peak consumption and emergency factor of 17% will be used.

Each governorate has the right to retain a certain percentage of the required water to cover the peak demand and contingency.

• Produced Water in accordance with PPP Contracts is allocated in accordance with the contract terms, then to the most in need governorate and the geographically nearer, and can receive the water that exceeds the need of the governorate to which the water is allocated originally, like Disi water will be allocated to Amman, but what exceeds Amman's need will be re-allocated to the other governorates.

• Shared water resources will be allocated to the governorate of the highest need and geographically the closest and which technically can receive the water.

• Supplied water will increase by the reduction ratios of NRW.

• Availability of water infrastructure will be insured during the reallocation process. Plans will be made for proper infrastructures to meet the needs.

• The reallocated water quality will be in conformity with MWI quality standards.

• Reclaimed water will be used for industry and agriculture as possible in order to save the fresh water for domestic uses.

 Water Reallocation Plan (between the governorates
   Water demand for domestic, industrial, and touristic uses is expected to increase during the plan period from 320 MCM in 2010 to 535 MCM in 2035. The domestic demand is calculated based on per capita share( 120 l/day in Amman, 100 l/day in other countries and 80 l/day in remote areas) along with the peak factor of 17%.

As for industrial and touristic demands, the growth rate is assumed to be 5-10%.
Regarding the population growth rate, it is assumed to be equal to 2.3% until the year 2019 and then 1.9%.

New Water Resources

In order to face the above mentioned challenges, MWI Plans included providing new water resources that include:
• Disi Water
• Red-Dead water
• Hesban Wells
• Wehdeh Dam, East Ghore Canal, and Wadi Al-Arab Dam.