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SCADA Department

SCADA is the technology of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. Such technology has become a key element in the modern management and operation of water & wastewater plants.

SCADA Department was established in the PMU on April 1st 2003. The main goal was to manage and supervise the strategic project of the Greater Amman SCADA system. Since that time, SCADA department’s duties have developed to include Managing and Supervising all Automation related issues within PMU & WAJ Projects.
In addition to that, SCADA Department is working on developing a strategy for SCADA utilization in the water Sector together with establishing a sector-wide technical specifications and standards for automation and control.


• Building the water sector strategy for utilizing latest technologies of control and automation including qualifying human resources for that.
• Manage and Supervise all SCADA related issues within PMU & WAJ Projects
• Increase the Water Sector awareness of modern technology as a tool of effective management of water resources and networks.
• Provide WAJ with technical expertise in the process of proposals evaluation and handing over committees.
• Technical and management support to other WAJ projects in terms of SCADA and Automation portions.
• Continue the accomplished work on Amman Water SCADA Project towards the ultimate objective of creating the country wide automated control and monitoring system.



• Greater Amman SCADA project (Management & Supervision)
• The technical study and tender documents preparation of installation of SCADA system in the Southern Governorates. (Counterpart of Project Consultant)
• The technical study and tender documents preparation of installation of SCADA system in the Northern and middle Governorates. (Counterpart of Project Consultant)
• Zara-Ma’in project (technical support and coordination with project WAJ team and Project Engineer)
• Continue support to CIP projects particularly in telemetry portions.

Greater Amman SCADA Project

• Interface to the existing SCADA provisions within CIP sites and other water sites operated by LEMA.
• The Automation of other project sites that are still manually operated and controlled.
• A new building in Dabouq reservoir to host the SCADA center together with the operator water facilities and Maintenance departments.
• A UHF radio based communication system to connect all project sites to the SCADA center.
• A total of 130 sites will be included in the project.
• This will be the first phase of Amman total SCADA solution where the 2nd phase will include district metering.



• Redundant Data servers for high reliability
• Wall mount screen
• Operator workstations
• Round disk
• Multiple Displays



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