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Non Revenue Water Directorate Mission:

  • To acquire a comprehensive understanding of the components and the causes of NRW and Water Losses in the Kingdom and to assist the water administration in the Governorates to address these issues effectively.

What is Non – Revenue Water (NRW)?

  • The difference between the total amount of Water produced or supplied and Water consumed legally.
  • Non Revenue Water has two components: Real Losses & Apparent Losses

 What are the causes of NRW?

  • Subscribers' Billing inaccuracies.
  • Quality of meters installation
  • Over- sized meters
  • Illegal water use
  • Water Resources leaks.
  • Networks leaks.
  • High delivered Pressure.
  • Lack of Maintenance.  


NRW Directorate Tasks:


     1.  Water networks assessment: 

  • This task is being achieved through MNF measurements, pressure and flow measurements, analyzing field data and delivering the proper technical reports.


  1. Governorate support:
  • Leaks pinpointing at water networks and mainlines.
  • Illegal Use discoveries.
  •  Pipe and valve locating.
  • Setting plans for non revenue water reduction in the near future.
  1. Technology Transfer: For new technologies & approaches in reducing NRW:

  • Lectures and workshops.
  • On the Job training.
  • Hands- on training.

  1. Monitoring of water resources and mainlines :
  •  Resources water meters assessment and calibration.
  •  Shared resources and mainlines monitoring.


  1. International cooperation between Jordan and Japan through "NRW Capacity Development Project" 2005 - 2008. The main objectives of the first phase of this project were:
  •  Technology transfer through senior experts' support.
  •  New instruments and equipment for NRW reduction are facilitated.
  • Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ) staff acquires essential technologies for NRW reductions - through on the job training, hands-on training, and extra training for specialist in Japan.
  • Implement several pilot areas in the Southern and Middle governorates to monitor and assess NRW and its components.

    The second phase of the project was started in September 2009 and to be completed in December 2010. The purpose is to achieve these following main objectives
    • Distribution Network Management for NRW reduction
    • Quality control for services connection installation
    • Strengthening relationship between WAJ and people

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