Jordan Water Company (Miyahuna)
In response to the growing challenges in the water sector and in order to improve the provision of services to the Capital City of Amman, MWI/WAJ established an O&M private company (Miyahuna) that is 100% owned by the Water Authority of Jordan. The foundation of such private entity, ambitiously, aims at achieving greater customer satisfaction through improved technical and financial performance of water services. It also aims at meeting the increasingly growing water demand in Amman area due to geographical expansion and commercial development.Miyahuna serves the district of Amman that has an approximate population of 2.4 million inhabitants (461654 subscribers).
Miyahuna’s performance is governed by the related Jordanian laws and regulations as well as the applicable commercial principles. Meanwhile, the company enjoys full independence in terms of managing its budget and revenues. Although Miyahuna achieved major technical and financial objectives, serious challenges are still ahead. Such challenges include non-revenue water reduction, integration of new costly resources like Zara-Maeen and Disi in the system and ensuring the continuity of water supply.
Report Objectives
The monitoring of Miyahuna performance is executed by the Performance Management Unit in accordance with an Assignment Agreement. The major objective of this report is to assess the annual performance of Miyahuna for the year of 2009 by applying the agreed upon Perfor­mance Indicators (v7.0) adapted by the PMU. The objective of the Performance Indicators system is to enable a fair basis for comparison of utilities whereby emphasis has been given to the performance aspects and the effectiveness of service provisions. Recognizing the worldwide problems and in order to provide also the means for international comparison and sharing of improvement efforts and related effects, a quite a number of indicators were adopted unmodified from IWA recommendations. The performance of Miyahuna for the aforementioned period will be compared to its performance for the year of 2008. The quarterly performance of Miyahuna since 2007 until Q1/2010 will also be assessed in an attempt to anticipate the performance trend of the company.
The Performance Indicators are grouped into the following main categories:
Water resources
Personnel (of the utility)
Physical components
Operational aspects
Quality of services
Financial aspects
Wastewater aspects
Water demand component
The performance indicators have different levels of importance, which varies from 1 to 3. The key performance indicators assigned level 1 importance. The agreed upon key performance indicators include the NRW, the collection ratio, the operating cost coverage ratio, the total employees per 1000 subscribers, the continuity supply index, the microbiological water quality, the non-billing and billing complaints, the subscribers receiving continuous supply and water consumption per capita.