Aqaba Water Company (AWC)
Aqaba Water Company is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) provides water and wastewater services for Aqaba Governorate which is located in the south of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan with a population of more than 129,413. It is the first corporatized water company in Jordan. It is 85% owned by the Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ) and 15% by the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Authority (ASEZA). The main objectives of its establishment were to improve the technical and financial performance of water services, to achieve better customer satisfaction and to meet the progressively rising water demand due to the increase in population and commercial development in Aqaba Governorate.
AWC manages, operates and maintains all water facilities in Aqaba Governorate, including 16 underground wells located in Disi district, a water network of length of 906 km (including transmission lines), several water reservoirs and a wastewater treatment plant. Aqaba Water Company serves more than 28,791 registered subscribers (Q4/2009list of variables provided by AWC).

The AWC service area consists of the ASEZ area and the rest of Aqaba Governorate which is mainly rural areas (such as: Quairah and Wadi Araba).

 Report Objectives

Monitoring of performance of AWC is executed by the Performance Management Unit (PMU) of the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, in accordance with AWC Assignment Agreement. PMU has been officially mandated to monitor AWC on behalf of WAJ during the PMU Executive Management Board meeting, chaired by H.E the Minister of Water and Irrigation on March 1st 2005.
The major objective of this report is to assess the annual performance of Aqaba Water Company for the year of 2009 by applying the agreed upon Perfor­mance Indicators (v7.0) adapted by the PMU. The objective of the Performance Indicators system is to enable a fair basis for comparison of utilities whereby emphasis has been given to the performance aspects and the effectiveness of service provisions. Recognizing the worldwide problems and in order to provide also the means for international comparison and sharing of improvement efforts and related effects, a quite a number of indicators were adopted unmodified from IWA recommendations. The performance of Aqaba Water Company for the aforementioned period will be compared to its performance for the year of 2008. The quarterly performance of AWC for the last two years (2008 and 2009), and Q1and Q2/2010 will also be assessed in an attempt to anticipate the so far performance trend of the company. Such assessment may anticipate the company’s future performance, a necessary factor in planning and deducing targets and benchmarks for the water sector in Jordan.  
The Performance Indicators are grouped into the following main categories:
·         Water resources
·         Personnel
·         Physical components
·         Operational aspects
·         Quality of services
·         Financial aspects
·         Wastewater aspects
·         Water demand component