Balqa Performance Based Customer Service Contract   

Objectives: for management of water and  waste water new customer, billing and revenue collection processes management of GIS & ICT unit

Implementation of GIS based tools, redesigned customer information system and sewerage data bas in  Balqa governorate
Source of funding: Self Finance / Public Sector Participation

Location: Balqa Governorate

Duration: 3 years

Brief: The Ministry of Water & Irrigation and Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ) developed a concept of Micro Private Sector Participation (PSP), which envisages the engagement of Jordanian private sector companies to take over identified functions like billing & revenue collection, water loss reduction, leak repair, GIS and ICT Unites Management and Development, etc. With this approach, local expertise is used and built, dependency on foreign assistance reduced and long preparatory periods for macro PSP contracts Models considerably overcome.

The commercialisation and participation of Jordanian private sector companies in operation and management of water supply and wastewater disposal systems has been an important element of the Ministry of Water and Irrigation (MWI) , Water Authority of Jordan WAJ and the whole water sector strategies.
  • All customer service operations (i.e. new water/wastewater (W/WW) customer, meter reading, reading assessment, billing, field inspection, bill distribution, collection and debt management)
  • GIS & ICT Units (management & updating of all (WAB) mapping information (W&WW), GIS applications backstopping & development of further business tools, ICT infrastructure and applications)
  • Implementation of GIS based tools in customer management, management of redesign CIS and sewerage data base.