Project for Energy Conservation through Upgrading
                                Water Supply Network in Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
This project for Energy Conservation through Upgrading Water supply Network will contribute to assisting saving energy consumption in water transmission and distribution system and to stabilize water transmission and  distribution through replacement of main transmission pumping facilities and procurement of materials for pipeline and replace some pumps in Zarqa pump station , Azraq pump station , Khaw pump station , Hallabat pump station .
Total Cost of Contract: -
For this purpose JICA provided a grant of the amount of one billion one hundred and thirty – two Million Japanese Yen.
( ¥ 1,132,000,000 ) to the Government of Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of Japan and within the scope of the E/N the Grant which has been signed on 28th , February , 2010 in addition it is required from Jordanian side to finance projects of 1.75 million JD .
We expected the project to finish on March 2013 and the delivery of Lot1 is expected to be on June 2012 and as details below: -
1. Implementation of Lot1: 
Commencement Date: 20/4/2010
Lot 1 period:  315 Days
Finish of Lot1: 1/3/2011
2. Implementation of Lot2:
 Commencement Date: 1/6/2012
Lot 2 period: 165 Days
Finish of Lot2: 15/11/2012
3. WAJ`s Obligations Which Cost: 1.75 Million JD
 1.Zarqa pump station 
Commencement Date: 1/11/2010
Work period: 150 Days
Finish of the work: 1/4/2011
  1. Installation of transmission pipe line between Zarqa
And Batrawi
Commencement Date: 1/4/2011
Work  period: 270 Days
Finish of the work: 1/1/2012
  1. Installation of Valve chamber and  air valves especially in Azraq – Khaw pipe line :
Commencement Date: 1/11/2011
Work   period: 75 Days
Finish of the work: 15/1/2012